Bounce (2020)

For Adaptable Winds

also available for wind symphony
Grade: 1+Duration: 1:204 parts + percussion

Score sample here.

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In the summer of 2020, I began diving into the world of “adaptable” pieces for winds. With these pieces, instead of assigning a large number of different parts to specific instruments, there are instead 4-5 parts that can be played by a number of instruments, allowing all parts to be covered with a smaller group. I had just finished my grade 2 work, “Flight Over Lake Michigan,” when one of my colleagues contacted me and asked if I had any grade 1 works in my catalog (long story short, I did not). With that, I decided the timing was perfect to write my first grade 1 piece, and “Bounce” was born.

Bounce falls into the category of light music, and is a fun piece that works great for young bands. Light textures and staccato articulations, along with tasteful percussion writing, help to create the light and bouncy feeling for which the piece is named.

This work for adaptable winds is meant to work well for groups as small as 6 players, with 12 being the ideal minimum number to allow for part doubling. Certain parts may work better for some instruments than others; feel free to experiment with your ensemble!